Harai Ogoshi From Power Grip

Focusing on the basics helps you win championships

Kelita Zupancic is a 2x Olympian from Canada who is teaching you how she likes to utilize Harai Goshi. Make sure you pay close attention to the grips that she is using as well as how she gets the proper reactions from her opponents. Kelita has been using this technique for years on the International Circuit. Here are some of the key details that this former World #1 athlete has when doing this technique:

The hand on the sleeve has been rolled underneath rather than on top. Also, she likes to pull the head down so that her partner is forced to stand up.

Once her opponent starts to stand, she focuses on a big high pull, using her opponent’s momentum against them.

Make sure that your back is to your partner’s chest and you sweep low on the leg to finish the technique.

There are a lot of different ways to do judo. Every elite level athlete takes the basics and tweaks them just a little to fit their own body and the strengths that they bring to the table.  Kelita always brings the focus of each technique back to its roots, focusing on the basics to make it work. If a technique is not working for you make sure you take a step back and look at the basic principles to see where you went wrong.


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