Ankle mobility (more exercises here) is something that everyone can improve on and it can help improve your game so much. This simple exercise is something I do even when watching instructors show technique (when they allow us to sit). Ever since I broke my ankle in a full 180 degree turn I just haven’t been the same. Defending FOOT LOCKs is something I couldn’t do due the tightness in the ligaments. This simple exercise helped me get back on my feet and gave me a spring in my step when doing standing takedowns, and now I’m back to defending foot locks like a black belt should be able to.

For more exercises to help you with your grappling click the link below:


Key area’s of focus:

  1. Massaging your feet with your knuckles just feels good do it.
  2. Only lift your knees as high as you want
  3. The range of motion gets better the more you do it not the more you challenge yourself while you’re doing it (although doing both helps)


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