Arm Drag To Whip

  • Make sure you move yourself
  • When pulling your partner down to the ground make sure they don’t land on top of you

Takedowns for BJJ can be super basic. A lot of times having a good mix of basic judo and basic wrestling is the best combination for BJJ when it comes to doing things on your feet.  When we are leaning takedowns for jiu-jitsu we want to make sure that we always keep in mind that our opponent wants to be on the ground. Even if they want to pass the truly want the fight to take place on the floor. BJJ fights can’t really be won on the feet. 98% (made this up but its a lot) of all wins happen on the floor and if we are playing the odds then we want to make sure they are in our favor. This takedown is quick and very effective against someone who wants to play on top but is hoping that you pull. This takedown is the same concept of sweeping someone as they are trying to pull to score two points. This one, however, is the opposite, taking someone down quickly when they try to lock up and wrestle or do judo.

Here are a couple of key details:

  • Make sure you move yourself. You don’t want to try and drag your partner by you.
  • Try and get the free hand to your opponents opposite hip to pull them past you.
  • Make sure when you fall you are using gravity making sure to us your grips to hang off your opponent.
  • Finish on top. Don’t try and take the back.


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