Basic Uchimata Steps

  • The most important thing is your planted foot is at the top of the triangle
  • Your first step should not be right where you need your plant foot to go

Uchimata can be a very difficult and frustrating technique to learn. There are just so many moving parts it’s hard to keep everything in order. This first step can be the cause of a lot of your problems. Most people teach Uchimata to step at the top of the triangle and while I believe that to be correct there has to be some adjustments for the human body as well. Not everyone has the rotational ability to get there feet in the right spot. I found that out from a younger age and removed the idea of the top of the triangle for my first step. If you just focus on where to place your first foot to ensure your planted foot lands at the top of the triangle comfortably judo will be easier. You will also find that everyone’s first step is a little different and that’s okay too.


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