Sometimes we just can’t free ourselves from our opponent’s grip. Here is a nice attack that can be done when you’re fighting same-sided players who have a strong post on your chest.

Some of the key points to get this to work:

  1. A strong pull on the arm that is posted on your chest
  2. Get your partner moving
  3. Make sure you drive through your opponent

Being able to attack at all the different angles can make you a very dangerous player. But my focus for attacks like this is just to have them be threatening. I’m happy if one of two things happen my opponent stumbles or there post on my chest comes off. Either way, I’m in a better position than I was when I started and it gives my opponent something new to think about.

The other reason I like this drill is because it’s simple to drill and it’s relatively safe. This move is all about timing and movement it’s not something that takes a lot of strength. Work on moving your feet and getting a feel for the throw.


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