Breaking Down Stiff Arms

  • Don’t try and pull your opponent straight in
  • Circle to the side your fight (righties to right, lefties to left)

This is the most common problem beginning judo players have when they start. It’s very difficult to be in a fight and also be relaxed at the same time. But one of the most important things to work on for beginners is creating a whip. This comes from being relaxed and fitting in smoothly tensing up at the end range to explode almost like a spring. It’s the fear of getting thrown that causes judo players to tense up and become stiff. When your opponent is giving you a good stiff arm its because they are nervous. So take it as a good sign even if you can’t score. The real problem lies when we are losing then our opponent starts to stiff-arm us. They do this because they don’t have to really do anything in order to win other than hold on. This is where this movement comes into play. We have to force the action and take some risk in order to score. Here are some keep points that you can focus on:

  • Make sure you have two hands on your opponent
  • Try to make sure you have a steady tension on your opponent
  • Circle toward your strong hand. As a rightly that is to my right
  • Attack the elbows. Don’t pull them straight in but try and focus on widening their elbows


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