Breaking Open Spider Guard

  • Create pressure with your knee on the back of there leg to pin the hip
  • Make sure you free the first hook completely so they can’t reset it
  • Get their feet pinned to the floor

Spider Guard can be a big problem if someone really knows how to play it well. Luckily for us, most people don’t know how to nor have the dexterity to play this type of game very well. Having the ability to change from one side to the other can be a huge problem for the guy trying to pass. I really like to shut down their ability to change sides to avoid a lot of the problems and sets of the spider guard player. Here are some of the key points of this move that will help you remove the hooks:

  • Create a lot of pressure with your knee driving down on them. Don’t be afraid to put your weight into it. You have to make sure that their mobility is really removed.
  • Clearing the hook can really be a problem even if you have your knee driving down. If you’re running into this, it’s because as you try to remove the hook you’re taking the weight off your opponent. Try making sure that you drive your knee down as you also try to stand as tall as possible.
  • When you go to pin the feet to the floor you have to make sure you don’t hang out there. Once their feet hit the floor you want to immediately start passing.


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