Breaking Open Spider Guard

  • Create pressure with your knee on the back of there leg to pin the hip
  • Make sure you free the first hook completely so they can’t reset it
  • Get their feet pinned to the floor

Breaking Open Spider Guard

If you have ever encountered an opponent who knows how to play a really good spider guard, you know how much of a nuisance it can be. A well played spider guard requires dexterity and exceptional mobility. Luckily, breaking open spider guard can be simple too. It is relatively rare that we encounter an opponent who has those prerequisite attributes. This means, while rare that you’ll find someone who plays a really good spider guard, you’ll still find it out there. Knowing how to break open that spider guard is worthwhile, without a doubt.

The ability to change from one side to the other (as seen in this video) can be a huge problem for you while trying to pass. Shutting down your opponent’s ability to rock you side to side will have a huge impact on how quickly you can break this down. This will limit their ability to knock you off and attack. Ultimately, it helps you avoid a bunch of potential problems on the mats. You’re going to want to remove the hooks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s a few tips on that.

Key Points For Breaking Open Spider Guard

  1. Create a lot of pressure with your knee driving down on your opponent. Don’t be afraid to put your weight into it. You have to make sure that their mobility is really removed. This is especially important if your opponent is already very mobile. You have to create pressure and incapacitate them as much as possible. This also takes strength, don’t be afraid of the weight room as a combat athlete.
  2. Clearing the hook can really be a problem even if you have your knee driving down. If you’re running into this, it’s because as you try to remove the hook you’re taking the weight off your opponent. Try making sure that you drive your knee down as you also try to stand as tall as possible. This will require a lot of mobility on your end, so do make that a priority in your training. Apply weight and pressure with that lower body while attempting to free yourself from the hook up top.
  3. When you go to pin the feet to the floor you have to make sure you don’t hang out there. Once their feet hit the floor you want to immediately start passing. This goes back to everything we talk about with speed and power. Be decisive in your actions and you’re much more likely to both take your opponent by surprise and successfully pass.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you’ve encountered someone who is super mobile and plays an exceptional spider guard, these tips will be sure to help you break it open. It can be tough to be aggressive and relaxed all at once, but as we’ve talked about before, it is essential to good fighting. Once you’ve been caught in spider guard, you never want to be again. Make sure you bring all the tools in your tool belt and work on breaking open spider guard!


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