This is one of my favorite techniques for takedowns for the BJJ Athletes. It’s very easy to do and requires no athleticism or strength. You just have to follow a few very simple steps:

  1. Start with a cross grip
  2. Step up with you back leg past your opponent’s lead leg
  3. Sit to your butt, as you do stick your leg out to block your opponent make sure not to try and sweep just place your leg in front so your opponent trips over it
  4. Pull down hard, try to land on your elbow to keep your head high. In the demo I brought my opponent to the ground but it’s not necessary. You can still come up on the single if your opponent stays standing
  5. Grab the leg
  6. Run them over. This last step is simple there is not real right way to knock them down at the end of the day just score two.

My opponents action and reaction always determines what I’m going to do. My partner is wearing the FUJI Sports SEKAI Gi.  Because this gi is designed to be hard to grip I’m not going to spend my time grip fighting. I’m just going to grab the collar quickly and snap him down to the floor.

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