This attack is one that I love to do to the lower ranks!!! I love the let them feel like they are getting an advantage just to take it away and put them into a losing position. Being in side control can be a very difficult place to submit people from. During training, sometimes our partners tend to just lay there and keep their frame so I try to bait them into coming up with an unhook so I can create some motion and get to attacking. 


If you don’t think you have the agility or flexibility right now, visit my other site here and start working on it. With a few simple exercises you can easily gain the range you need to pull off these moves. 

Some of the key points to getting this to work:

  1. Keep a heavy base and make sure your not to mobile remember this is a move we do when our partners are not moving
  2. Get the head off the floor as best you can you really want to make sure that you control it.
  3. When you step over make sure your foot is flat to the floor and tight to their back.
  4. Once you step over you have to be flexible with how you’re going to finish don’t force any particular move but take what’s available and just get the easy sub.


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