We have all heard the terms “drill to win” and “drillers make killers.” With that being said, we have to make sure that our training is not just drilling, there has to be a balance. Some places train live too much and some train live too little, so I have developed little patterns like this that can be drilled on their own or during live scenarios. By breaking down the complete movements into small scenarios it does two things: One is making the movements easier to learn because there are fewer steps and two it helps us to accomplish our goals more often.

Winning is a learned trait that most of us just simply don’t have. We either over complicate situations and confuse ourselves into thinking it’s too hard for us or we make huge mental errors in the final seconds that cost us victories. Some of us even go as far as too dumb down their own skill level to make things competitive when they shouldn’t be because they “feel bad.” Any of these scenarios are bad for business when you’re in a position where winning is essential to success.

This video is a perfect example of how we take something simple and break it down so that in live situations we can tell ourselves this; “here is my goal, cross grip cut the angle and post on the chest.” That all by itself is easy to do in a fight where both fighters are both right or left handed (same sided). I may not score from there, but again the score was not my goal for the scenario, my goal was to cross grip then cut the angle and post on the chest.  This will allow me the end a training session and ask myself; “How many times did I accomplish my goal and what did I learn?” I’ll be able to answer this question every night and based on my answer it will determine if it’s a good session or a bad one.

When we teach ourselves how to win, winning becomes easy. We can learn to take the positive (is this right word?) out of the situation and begin to focus on each task at hand. When we look at our matches as a whole, they can seem overwhelming and impossible. But, by breaking down the matches and scenarios into smaller parts, winning seems possible because the individual tasks seem easy.

After establishing my post in this scenario, I’ll take the time to come up with a new goal in my head during training, maybe it’s an off the grip attack. If the attack fails I still accomplished goal one then I can stand back up, reset the goals back to the original one and do them all over again and maybe after the post I can try a forward throw. Each time I am learning something valuable, developing a focused mind while training and remembering my sessions so I can ultimately become better.

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