Most BJJ athletes have problems when it comes to having a successful takedown or doing stand up at all. This fake shot to an ankle pick is probably one of my most common takedowns I use when doing BJJ. Even with all the judo I know and have, this one seems to be the one that gets used the most and believe it or not almost always works.

Let me explain how I get such a simple move to work. It’s a simple concept, all you have to do is fail. Failing at takedowns, in the long run, makes it easy to get moves like this to work. Like I explained in the video I have to try a single leg a few times and it has to fail (it can work as well). Once it has failed a few times we begin to condition our opponents to react in a certain way.This is what allows us to predict and make quick second shots. After a while, you will notice (if you are paying attention) that your opponents will react and defend in the same way. They do this because it’s successful and we can use that to our advantage.  

My goal on my first single leg in this example is to get my opponent to step back and out of the way. I will almost always keep driving forward until I get them to step back. Once they do I’ll stop my shot. Subconsciously letting them know that when they step back I’m not going to keep shooting. Then when I’m ready I fake my shot, opponents step back because they are conditioned to, and I go straight for my ankle pick. Boom 2 points and I’m on top and inside control, if I’m lucky. However most of the time I end up with their knee inside and I have to go into an over-under type pass to control. Photo Credit Lisa Pics


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