Fireman's Front Head Lock

  • Make sure you get between your partner’s legs
  • Get their hands on the floor
  • Don’t get caught in a crucifix

Fireman’s Carry to Front Head Lock

The Fireman’s Carry to Front Head Lock is an integral move, especially for people who tend to get stuck when throwing people with a fireman’s. Sometimes opponents will latch onto you and you’ll end up in a crucifix. Or you’ll be battling out to get from whatever tangled position you end up in. More often than not, this ends up with you struggling to free your head and get back in the fight. Transitioning into the front head lock will allow you to finish the throw with ease. This means throwing your opponent off the back and making the spin into a front headlock.  This allows you to do two main things:

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Getting their hands to the floor is important.
  1. Focus on exploding out from underneath your opponent on the original takedown
  2. Conserve energy. Finishing throws that ensure your opponents land on their back and stays there is hard. Getting them to the floor in any way shape or form is a lot easier.

Key Points

The big thing with this move is the explosiveness! You have to explode up as quickly as you possible can in order to take your opponent decisively. The tall kneeling position will reap dividends. Once you have exploded up and caught them off guard, getting their hands to the floor is the easy part. Your neck is going to be the next key piece to fully bring it all together. You have to look up and position your neck as such in order to get your opponent to fall off your shoulders effectively.

Basic Steps

  1. Jump between your opponents legs
  2. Sit up nice and tall
  3. Get your opponent’s hand on the floor
  4. Throw them off the back side
  5. Spin and put them right into the front headlock

Once you have them in the front headlock there are so many options for how to score. This is excellent because it really allows you to add your own personal flair. And essentially, anything you can do to do judo specific to you, and speak to your strengths is going to be better. In the video, Travis choose to just spin to the back because it allowed him to score the takedown points. If points is what you’re looking for, tailor your fighting for that. If it’s submissions, go for the kill.

A Final Thought

Other throws can be equally effective, but Fireman’s Carry to Front Head Lock is a  can set you up to score a bunch of points really easily if done right. If you’re struggling with finishing the throw, similar to Travis, then definitely pay attention to this video. There are a multitude of ways out of it, but transitioning into the front headlock has been the most effective for a number of talented fighters. The beauty is in the details here, follow the key points and let us know how it goes!


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