Fireman's Front Head Lock

  • Make sure you get between your partner’s legs
  • Get their hands on the floor
  • Don’t get caught in a crucifix

I have this move in place because when I throwing people with a fireman’s I would get stuck. People would latch on to me and I would end up in a crucifix or it would be in a battle to get out from whatever position I was in, usually trying to free my head. I found it much easier to just throw them off

Getting their hands to the floor is important.

the back and make the spin to a front headlock. This allows me to do two things.

  1. Just focus on exploding out from underneath my opponent on the original takedown
  2. Conserve energy. Finishing throws to ensure that your opponents land on their back and stay there is hard. Getting them to the floor in any way shape or form is a lot easier.

The big thing with this move is exploding up as quick as you can. Getting into that tall kneeling position.  Once you have exploded up getting their hands to the floor is easy. Your neck is going to be the next key piece to bringing it all together. You have to make sure you look up to get your opponent to fall off of your shoulders. Let’s take a look at some of the more basic steps:

  • Jump between your opponents legs
  • Sit up nice a tall
  • Get their hand on the floor
  • Throw them off the back side
  • Spin and put them right into the front headlock

Once you have them in the front headlock there are so many options. In the video, I choose to just spin to the back because it allows me to score the takedown points.


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