L vs R Sleeve Grip

  • You have to start with your post arm on bottom
  • Make sure you block the leg and move close to your opponent
  • Try and trap the elbow not grab the end of the sleeve

Get the sleeve left on right against someone a little better than you can seem like an impossible task! We have all run into the problem where we get to inside control and we want to throw but then we run into the frustration of not being able to get to the sleeve. Or if we do make the grip doesn’t feel strong enough to even throw with it. This is a good technique to have now that the leg grab has been removed from judo because you can really commit and get a strong pull and off balancing of your opponent.

Here are some of the key details:

  • Your post has to start on bottom (you can do it from the top but it’s dangerous)
  • Don’t use power use speed. It’s to pop that gets the reaction you want.
  • Trap the elbow. Grabbing the end of the sleeve is great but at the same time, the odds go down. If you focus on overshooting the elbow you will have a higher percentage of ending up at the end of the sleeve.


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