Hidden Foot Work

  • Make sure you take your time and move slowly when first learning this
  • This is a timing exercise, so uke determines the speed

People almost never talk about footwork much less take the time to really learn it. Yet it has such an impact on whether or not you have success with your technique or not. I’ve always made sure to take the time when drilling my combinations and doing uchikomi to make sure my judo is “smooth” when drilling. Speed amplifies power when doing judo! One of the ways we can quickly add power is by increasing the speed which means we have to move and flow smoothly around the mat like a dance. I always try to make sure the pause and time spent not moving are minimal when drilling judo.

The footwork seen in this video is one that has helped me a lot over the years. There are a lot of different footwork patterns out there and some are very unique to the individual.  This one, however, is a lot more common amongst the higher level judo players. Here’s a little secret for the readers, you can also do a cross Ko O-Ouchi Gake rather than Ko Ouchi Gari to help with the same setup and speed it up even more.


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