Hips High - Knee Cut To Pin

  • Get your hips high and free your knee line
  • Take a wide step
  • Bring your knee to ankle
  • Kick your leg free

Talk about one of the most common places we see judo players lose matches. Almost every judo player has found themselves in this exact position: Let stuck and controlling the top half of the body and just not able to get their leg free. I have even fallen victim of this. There is nothing worse than being so

Piking your hips tall will help free your knee line allowing you to knee cut.

close to winning and just falling short. Make sure you drill moves like this one to ensure that you finish players on the mat and make winning easy for yourself. This move is all about pressure, making sure you get your partner to look away from you with your shoulder. Here are a few of the key points you need to focus on to get this to work:

  1. Shoulder pressure so your opponent is looking away from you
  2. Get your hips high and free your knee. If your partner’s legs are locked over your knee (around your thigh) then you won’t be able to do this move
  3. Step out wide with your free leg
  4. Bring your trapped leg’s knee to your free ankle beginning your knee cut
  5. Kick your let free

This is something everyone should be drilling and learn for both BJJ and Judo. Make sure you know this position inside and out there are a lot of variables and you need answers to them all. If you’re going to secure wins from this position in judo.


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