Kosoto Same Sided Athletes

  • Opponent is playing a strong defense
  • You want to get the gi over their shoulder
  • Chop them behind the kneed
  • Hit them hard with your free hand

This is a throw that I used a lot in international competition. Although I’m not known for it because it did not result in a lot of scores I never wanted it to. I always felt like Kosoto was a high-risk move. While it looks really nice and spectacular when it’s done. It can easily be countered so it was always a technique that I used just to keep my opponents honest. I would always fight players who I felt were avoiding the action making it difficult to score on them. This throw, however, was a great way to off balance them causing them to think twice about standing in such a defensive position. After doing a throw like this I found players were more likely to stand and face me making it easier to pull off the throws that I felt more confident in scoring with.

  • Opponent has to be playing a strong defense to your forward throws
  • You want to get the gi over their shoulder
  • Make sure you chop them behind the kneed when taking a step
  • Hit them hard with your free hand either across the chest or the head


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