Getting A High Grip

  • Make sure you prevent your opponent from settling on top of your arm
  • Prevent them from letting their hand come inside
  • When you throw the hand make contact with the face

This is probably one of my most used techniques for getting my right hand down the back of my opponents. Sometimes I run into the problem where my opponents just won’t take the grip under my arm because they know that if they do, my right hand is coming. Some of the key points to getting this to work:

  • Make sure you have a strong post and you don’t allow your opponent to put any hand on the gi other than their right under your arm (for lefties their left under)
  • Sidestep to create a greater angle making it difficult for your opponent to grab the gi
  • When you throw your hand try and make sure your bicep comes in contact with there face. You want to make sure you gather their head so you can pick it up.

This is one of my favorites because it’s really risk-free. Even if I miss my grip with my right hand I’m still in a very good spot with a grip on my opponents collar and my opponent with no hands on the gi.


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