Left On Right Drop Seio

  • Get your hand high
  • Snap them to one side
  • Get in front
  • Drop through the middle

This is one of the most common throws in judo at any level. These are a few of the steps that I like to follow when doing this throw.

  • Make sure you have a strong post that is under your opponents arm.
  • Snap your opponent to the side while moving in front
  • Make sure you drop through your opponents legs not in front of them

Some of the most common mistakes when doing this move:

  • Dropping on the side of the leg
  • Not making a rotation
  • Not opening up your opponent to make a successful attack

We have all messed up throws before and will keep messing them up that’s the nature of the sport. The actual ratio of throws tried to throws that worked leans heavy on the tried side. But with that said it’s important to make sure that we practice right.


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