Shield Grip

  • Opposite side gripping
  • Off the grip attacks only
  • Used once or twice an event

Left on Right Shield Gripping

For right-handed athletes, gripping left on right can be a really big pain. We talk a lot about same sided athletes and with good reason. Fighting same sided athletes is rare, but for right on left, the left has the advantage! We’re just trying to give you great tips in order to level the playing field! Left on right shield gripping is a technique that can work incredibly well. The problem? It can’t be your go-to. It must be a technique that is used rarely. But when sprinkled in sparingly, it can be really effective.

Left on right shield gripping can throw a left-handed fighter off quickly and make them second guess punching their dominant hand inside. In this moment of hesitation and doubt on their side, you have an opportunity to hook and seize control. Take it for all it is worth because we all know how fleeting those opportunities can be against left-handed athletes. You have to be fast and strong!

A Few Key Details

A couple of key things to pay attention to when learning and using the left on right shield gripping technique:

  1. The left-handed opponent has to be committed to the grip. If they are not punching in hard, you won’t be able to redirect their momentum to end up on the back.
  2. You have to get your shield in place, and fast! Speed is key here and plan when you’re going to do this ahead of time. If your opponent gets a grip on your collar as you try this, things will go downhill quickly.
  3. Make sure you throw immediately off the grip! Don’t hang around looking for the perfect chance to score. Perfection doesn’t exist. 

A Final Thought

Training sequences is super important. This is especially true when training as a righty against same-sided opponents. Ultimately, when you’re competing and training it is really important to have these “one-hit wonder” techniques. They won’t be used every day or every match, but use them sparingly and they will pay massive dividends down the road. These techniques will help keep your opponents “honest” and not just play heavy defenses to your “A-Game” judo techniques. 

The left on right shield gripping technique was fabricated to be an off-the-grip attack that can be used to disrupt the gripping patterns of your opponent. Use it as such and it will work well for you. Don’t overdo it. Learn it, have it in your back pocket, and bring it out when you need it most! Let us know how it goes.


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