Low Single Shot

  • Trap the ankle
  • Get contact with your shoulder on their shin
  • Make sure you back out for the takedown not push forward

This is one really cool shot that can get you a lot of easy takedowns in Jiu-Jitsu. Having takedowns that your opponent don’t see coming that are not consistent is important. That’s what this technique is for me. Something that isn’t done that often but it has a high percentage of working because it really catches my opponents off guard. I will give this disclaimer though: Don’t do this against a good wrestler (good meaning national level or higher). I really like this move because it’s a simple concept that is easy to learn so you

Stay low and make sure you hit the ankle at the angle

don’t have to drill it that often. Once you have a feel for it you start using it in live training. Your training partners will react in funny ways all of them a little different so it important to try it against a lot of different people. Here are a couple of key points to focus on when doing the technique:

  • Stay low and create a small angle. You want to make sure you hit the ankle at 1 or 2 o’clock (heel is 12 toes are 6) to get them to tip over. You don’t want to hit the ankle straight on it will make it easy to defend.
  • Block their heel. Focus on keeping your hand and forearm on the floor when you first shoot in on the ankle.
  • Drive slightly forward with your shoulder and when you feel their weight going back then pull the heel out slightly keeping your hand on the floor.
  • If done right you should be able to knock them down without leaving the floor when drilling.

One of the most common ways I find people defending this technique is the body lock. This is when they hover over the top of you and use both hands to lock around the body and hold on. That’s why we have the second part of the techniques where we trap the leg and circle out ending up on the top position. A lot of times when doing the second part of this move I have to go to north-south and push the weak triangle they have on my head off.  Make sure you do your best to prevent them from crossing their foot behind there knee like a triangle. When it’s just their ankles crossed you will be okay and getting to north-south will be an easy way to work yourself out.


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