NOGI takedowns are normally very hard to do. You really want to try adding moves to your game that are very low risk at first. Here are two examples of techniques that I feel are very low risk that have big rewards.

Foot Sweep is super simple and here are a couple of key points to look at when doing it.

  1. Don’t sweep a planted foot it’s going to hurt.
  2. Work on timing when drilling don’t try and knock down your partner every time
  3. The goal of a foot sweep is to disrupt your partners not to always take them down even the most experienced grapplers don’t get them every time. So don’t get frustrated if your not taking people down right away.
  4. It never looks as pretty going live. Remember you’re going to have to figure out a lot of it in a live setting. The foot sweep is used to disrupt people then as they stumble you will have to find the right angle to push them over.


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Knee Osoto is a great one to practice while working on the foot sweep because it requires your partner to do the same steps. Here are a couple of helpful tips for the knee Osoto:

  1. Make sure your partner’s foot is planted and hook right at the knee (NOT ABOVE IT)
  2. Control the shoulders of your partner. He is going to try and turn away from you to avoid the takedown
  3. Keep your head higher than your opponent as you throw
  4. Land on top don’t get rolled through and lose 2 points


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