Power Kimura

We know the feeling. You just can’t seem to break the grip. It’s been a tough day at the office. It leads to a tough day on the mats. It feels like you just can’t win. Well, first and foremost, it is time to stop with the defeatist attitude. Second, it’s time to learn how to break the grip and get on with it! The power kimura can be a pain in the butt. Let’s walk through it, shall we?

The Scenario

Your opponent is on their side and has you in a tight grip. You can’t seem to gain any advantage or any leverage over them. You start to worry, what can you do? This guy just won’t let go, and you have things to do and places to be! This power kimura technique is a great solution to turn to. Mostly because you don’t need to be overly strong to execute it (meaning it works great as a smaller person in the fight). You just need to be able to find a leverage solution and use your body. Let’s get to the breakdown of the power kimura. Step by step style, we’ll make it easy in bite size chunks.

The Breakdown

  1. Leverage your hand (the one closest to your opponent’s back) to crank their arm back, allowing some room for your other hand to wiggle free.
  2. Come underneath your opponent’s elbow and lock it up TIGHT.
  3. Readjust your position into side control
  4. Get your opponent flat on their back
  5. Return to the opening flare and grab hold of your opponent’s wrist and lift off
  6. Step over your opponent’s head and wrench their elbow up for the finish!

What Next?

The power kimura is exactly what it sounds like. A power move! When drilling this, make sure that you do so with a variety of different grips (on your opponent’s behalf) and on both sides, just in case you find yourself on your weaker side too.

With time and drillage, this will become like second nature. And when that happens, you can be sure that your opponent won’t ever catch you at a loss for what to do. No matter how big they may be.

A Final Thought

Having power moves like the power kimura in your back pocket will make you tough to beat. FUJI blog allows you to access a wide variety of different techniques and drills in order to best elevate your game. Take your time and find what works best for you. And don’t forget to check out FUJI Fit blog in order to find out how best to fuel your body and mind too!


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