Timing Your Attacks Against Opposite Sided Athletes

Most of us struggle when going up against opposite sided players. And by most, I mean almost all! Even the best of the best. Travis Stevens is no exception, and he outlines the best way to counteract opposite sided opponents in this video. Timing your attacks against opposite sided athletes is paramount to your success on the mats. Take your time and learn to do it right, drill it right, and execute it right!

Drill Time

Developing good habits and proper movement patterns will help you deal with opposite sided players during randori and competitions. The drill shown here is something to be practice starting slowly. Once you’ve gained comfort and familiarity with it, pump up the speed! As you get more comfortable with the movement, speed up the footwork, hand speed, and overall intensity with each subsequent session.

The goal? Move in a direction that leads your opponent into your own strong attack. All the while preventing them from gripping you! Grip fighting is tricky business, especially against opposite sided athletes. Take your time and learn it properly with these key points:

Key Details

  1. Move Laterally! The focus is lateral displacement, not circular movement. Remember, the more you turn, the more likely your opponent will gain an even better position. Don’t turn, move laterally instead.
  2. Defend any possibility of a high hand coming down your back. That mostly means don’t turn. But there are other ways your opponent can gain this position. It will be their first thought and your first thought should be to properly defend against it. Be ready for that.
  3. Timing! Time your gripping properly to manipulate yourself around your opponent and go for the throw when you need to. Timing is everything. Timing your attacks is the key!

A Final Thought

Timing your attacks against opposite sided athletes is what will ultimately lead you to the podium. With grip fighting, it is tough to anticipate your opponent’s next move. But with this technique, you give yourself every opportunity to know what comes next and defend against it. Set yourself up for success every chance you get. Drill, visualize, and get it done. Remember, move laterally, timing is key, go for the throw! Let us know how it goes for you!


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