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Name: Jack Hatton
Sport: Judo
Weight: 81kg
WRL: 22
Age: 22

Jack Hatton is currently training out of Pedro’s Judo Center and is NYAC Sponsored Athlete.

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It has been a rather long day of travel from the hotel in The Hague, Netherlands to new accommodations in Isehara, Japan. The last 24 hours consisted of a seemingly never-ending flight, hustling luggage throughout various train stations, and talking judo with Travis on the long train rides. The latter being the only enjoyable part! Finally to my delight, I arrive to a neat and cozy hotel room in Isehara where I settle my things for the weeks of intense judo training ahead. Tomorrow will start a two week training at Tokai University and the following week an international training camp at the birthplace of Judo, The Kodokan.

      I completed this exact training regimen with Travis for the first time in Dec. of 2016, but to be honest I was not prepared for how grueling it would be. Literally every practice of everyday was a matter of pure survival and it took everything I had to keep my head above water. My only goal for those weeks was to survive. That being said, those weeks of training made me a lot tougher and allowed me to have success in 2017.

     Now that the 2017 season is winding down, it is a good time to reflect on my Judo and make necessary adjustments to create greater success in 2018.  Japan will provide the perfect training ground to test these adjustments as they will be tried on the highest level of judoka in the world. What better way to know if something works then to test on the best, right? Through this approach I am aiming to gain more confidence in my ability to throw on the IJF level and to develop other strengths, both mental and physical, along the way. I know during the ensuing weeks that there will be times where I will break, but this year I feel far more confident as I have a plan of action to operate from.

As long as I stick my specific goals each practice, growth is guaranteed no matter what pain I am in!


Updates to the journey can found on IG: @judojack

All things from cauliflower ears to katsu curry will be documented. Cheers!


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