In this video we are taking a look at triangle done off of our partners single leg attack. Your partner can get into a single leg from a lot of different places. So this is a good counter to have when you feel like you’re about to lose the battle and you can turn it into an offensive position. 

Some of the Key areas to focus one to make this work:

  1. Your Partner has to be committed to the single leg and coming up to get your back
  2. The belt grip is not necessary but it’s what I like to do to hold them tight you can keep the whizzer if you like
  3. The leg that comes on top of the back should be at a 90 degree angle where your shin is parallel to your partner’s spine.
  4. Use your leg on your partners back to hold your weight DO NOT THROW your back to the floor
  5. Finish the triangle any way you like


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