Passing the guard can be very difficult sometimes. We’ve all run into those guys who are super flexible or their guard retention is just out of this world. Here is a simple pass that even white belts can do that really catch those upper ranks off guard. Here are some simple steps to follow.


  1. Control the feet – be sure that there legs are well off the ground so that you can slide into place.
  2. Make sure to roll up on your side quickly while their legs are still over you.
  3. Take a deep grip with your arm between your legs to keeping his legs trapped.
  4. Come up into a double leg drag pass

This move is a great way to create a scramble when your traditional guard passing just doesn’t cut it! Remember this is not something that you want to do right when a match starts. Do all your normal guard passing techniques first and when they haven’t worked and the guard player feels safe throw this one at them and watch panic set in.

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