Tricky O-ouchi 

  • Make sure you pull their belt
  • You have to square off to your opponent
  • Drive don’t lift

No matter how good you get at judo, you’re going to run into situations where you just get out gripped. There is nothing you can do about it, it happens to the best of us. What you really want to make sure you focus on is having answers to the situations you find yourself in all the time.

The hard part about this concept is knowing when we lost a position due to our opponent making a good move versus us making a mistake causing us to lose a position. Most people make mistakes and try to learn how to fight out of bad positions all the time. What they should be doing is learning how to fight to not get put in those positions. This will allow them to focus on scoring from grips and situations that have a high degree of scoring because you are not in a losing position.

This move is focused on the latter and is a great way to stop an opponent from grabbing your neck throughout the rest of the match. This will, in turn, make the match a lot easier for you. Some of the key points of the throw:

  1. Make sure your head is making their arm “heavy”
  2. Get a solid post on the hip
  3. Square off like you would on a normal O-uchi Gari
  4. Drive through and smash your opponent to the mat


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