This video demonstrates how I deal with some of the problems people asked about after posting video 1. If you have not seen video 1 click here: Grip Video . In this video I answer questions about:

-The opponent wrapping their hand around and ripping out breaking your fingers!

-The opponent picking up their hand to show the illegal grip.

These are all things that I risk when I take this grip, but they are acceptable risks because I know the advantage of having this grip. I take this grip because I’m looking for or creating an opportunity to grow. If I’m in the middle of a grip fight and I want to keep the grip fight going to kill the clock I don’t take this grip.

You do however need a strong hand to make sure that you can maintain this grip. You have to actually use your arm and wrist to prevent your opponent from wrapping the hand.

I hope this video helps each of you keep an established sleeve grip.


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